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Trinity Chapel
St Michael, MN

Would you like to share pictures of your wedding
with friends and relatives that can not attend ?

Send them your own personal web site address
so they can share in the memories of this special day.

I will attend the wedding and take up to 300 digital pictures,
create and host a web site that includes photo pages, song lyrics,
midi files if available, guest book and visitor counter. 
I can also include a scanned version of the invitation or other photo's.

If you would like me to create and host your wedding site 
Please send me an email with what you would like and 
and I will let you know the price.

For more information contact

A Wedding to Remember

Gary & Kate 5-29-2012
Ron & Leah  9-5-2009
Donnie & Amber  8-22-2009
Chris & Bonnie  5-17-2008
Robbie & Rachel  11-10-2007
Joe & Jenni  10-6-2007
Seth & Angie   9-29-2007
Adam & Laura   8-22-2006
Derek & Michelle   7-30-2005
Jon & Kelly   9-18-2004

Josh & Angie  3-7-2003
Mike & April   10-26-2002
Sonny & Heidi   10-19-2002
Shawn & Suzy   8-31-2002

Chris & Amy  4-1-2000

Chapel Of Love - Lyric's and Midi
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Holy Name Church 
Hamel, MN

St John's Episcopal Church 
 Hassan Township, Minnesota

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