1st Annual 
Denny Hecker’s Royal Country Round-Up

High Noon
, Christy Love, Chace Roberts
Rebecca Lynn Howard
, Sammy Kershaw, Collin Raye

Hwy 101 and Interstate 94 in Rogers, MN
Saturday, October 2, 2004
Doors open at 1pm and Music starts at 1:30 PM
VIP tickets ($112) and GA tickets ($32)

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The following article appeared in the Elk River Star News on October 5.2004

Gone country: Royal Round Up featured Raye, Kershaw, Roberts and others

“Well done, Rogers,” country singer Collin Raye said during his performance Saturday night during the Royal Country Round-Up near Nature’s Hideaway in Rogers. Go to story

High Noon took the stage first for the Royal Country Round Up in Rogers. Five other bands including Collin Raye and Sammy Kershaw performed.


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