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Marjorie Wilson Gray
Marjorie is the daughter of Eldor Wilson
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Netti at her house Netti after the operation Netti's daughter Florence
and her husband
Netti's daughter - Helen Tereau
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Netti's granddaughter
Florence's little girl Barbara Ann
Netti & ? Louise's son and daughter Gerald Tollefsrud, Mildred Olson & Patty

Louise Tollefsrud
 Netti's sister

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Sam & Mildred  
Louise Wilson's daughter
Mildred Tollefsrud
Louise Wilson's daughter
Gerald Tollefsrud
Louise Wilson's Son
Lauritz & Claris Wilson
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Where Martha & Joe Wilson lived Martha Wilson Lauritz Wilson Eldor & Florence Wilson 
Eldor 81 -  Florence 65
Chino, California
August 1972 
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Martha & Joe Wilson 1950 Back row: Emmerentia (Florence), Rosie, Eldor Wilson, Front row: Gerry, Eddie, Margie & Tammy Wilson 1946 Melvin Wilson and
 Gladys Jenkins
John Wilson
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Melvin & Eldor Wilson 
Mason City, Iowa 1951
Melvin & Gladys Wilson, Eldor, Florence, Tom, Margie, Gerry, Eddie & Rosie Wilson 1951 Eldor Wilson's garage Temple City, California  1942 Pamela Gray & Dave Lukkarla
Jason, Harlan, Pamela, Dave, Margie, Kevin & Curtis 11-23-1996
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Louise, Joe, Netti, Lauritz, Martha 
& Eldor Wilson
Harlan Gray & Margie Wilson Netti's Son Norman Rusten Netti's granddaughter Carol Portz
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Pamela Gray & Dave Lukkarla
in there back yard in Rancho Cucamonga, California
Netti's Gang Emmerentia's 84th birthday
Margie, Gerry, Ma, Ed, 
Tom & Rosie 
Daughters of Netti Wilson Tereau
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4 generation
Martha Wilson, Netti, 
Myrtle & Carol Portz
The one leaning is Carol and her mother Myrtle Portz
 (daughter of Netti)
Emma, Marisa, Daniel & Jacob Rudder, 12/2007,
Daniel is Eldor Wilson's grandson
John, Mark & Sarah WIlson
Ed Wilson's grandkids 12/2007
Ed was Eldor Wilson's son
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Joice, Iowa 
where John & Martha Wilson lived
Church & cemetery where John & Martha Wilson are buried John & Martha Wilson Kelly, Stacie,  Holly & Jim McGill
Beatie Wilson's daughter (Holly)
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J.R. (Melvin Wilson) Nancy Wilson Groth & daughter Lois, (Melvin Wilson's daughter) Dylan, Louie & Pamela Tillema
Eldor Wilson's granddaughter November 2007
Gerry Wilson Case & Lonnie Case, November 2007
Eldor Wilson's daughter
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Jeff, Brock, Krista & Maverick Cheney 11/200, Eldor Wilson's great granddaughter, Gerry & Lonnie Case's granddaughter Dennis Musrat, Stephanie Tillema
getting married 8/16/2008
Stephanie is Eldor Wilson's
 great granddaughter
Anne Ruder Maloney
Cassidy & Hailey Maloney 2007, Anne is Eldor Wilson's granddaughter
John, Savannah, Doreen, Jonathon, Victoria & Rebekah, 12/2007, 
John is Eldor WIlson's grandson
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Debbie, Kristen & Perry Stojech
Debbie is Tom Wilson's daughter
granddaughter to Eldor Wilson
Trevor, Lisa, Greg & Aaron Hayes, 2006, Lisa is Tom Wilson's daughter, granddaughter to Eldor Wilson Sarah Wilson Fry, John Taft, Bridget Wilson Taft, Laura Wilson & David Wilson, Bridget was married to Ed Wilson, Ed died 7/11/1993. Bridget married John 11/10/2007 in Las Vegas John, Lisa, Sarah, Laura, Sarah Wilson, 11/2007, Lisa is Dave Wilson's wife, Ed Wilson's daughter-in-law, John & Sara are their kids, Sarah Wilson Fry & Laura Wilson-Ed Wilson's daughter
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Bernice & Ian Wilson, 
Tom Wilson's 2nd wife 11/2007
Bruce Rudder & Rosie Wilson Rudder, 11/2007, Rosie is 
Eldor Wilson's daughter
Frank Martinez married to Mary Rudder, Mary is Eldor Wilson's granddaughter Mary Rudder Martinez
Mary is Eldor Wilson's granddaughter
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Beatie Wilson 6-22-1997
Eldor Wilson's daughter
Angel, Jeff, Gunner & Delaney Teillema, 11/2007, Jeff is Eldor Wilson's great grandson Cody, Jennifter, Emily & Amanda
Dena Case's kids, Lonnie & Gerry Case's grandkids
David Crider & Suzanne Rudder Crider, Sue is Eldor WIlson's granddaughter
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