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One Perfect Rose

One perfect rose. One long stemmed, perfect red rose. That's all it is. Yet, in it is a resemblance to life's beginning, hardships and ending.

As the petals of a rose begin to bloom acquiring beauty as they expand, so also does a life begin and grow. Even though it may seem to have meaning at its beginning, a rose or life will be of even greater significance as it continues and affects others.

Although one notices the perfect red petals, the thorny stem can't be
ignored. It is there, It always will be. This is also true of life.
Even though a life seems to be continually happy,
there will always be the thorns of hardship and sorrow present.

No matter how much the beauty and simplicity of a rose is enjoyed, it
must fade away. It departs, causing an empty place. Life does this also.
All must die. A life cannot continue to whirl forever. The loss of a
life creates an empty place, too. No matter how much a heart aches for
it, the life cannot come back. It is gone forever. But there is always
the comforting thought that sometime, somewhere there will be another
perfect rose - another life.