Photos from Lucas Erickson
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Photos donated by 
Lucas & Katie Erickson
 Mathias & Iremena Portz are Katie's
great great great great grandparents
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Thomas & Susan (Portz) Thayer
 & son John
Nicolas & Margaret (Portz) Mager
Lawrence & Philomene La Voi
Omar & Annie (Hoffman) La Voi Michael J Hoffman &
Ann Augusta (Gaetz) Hoffman

Andrew & Kate (Eikens) La Voi
married: May 13, 1902
Albert & Susan (Mager) La Voi
Abt. 1901
 Frank & Annie (Mager) Hoffman
  married: September 13, 1898
Eugene & Helen (Abeldgaard) Kiesner
Eugene Kiesner  Lawrence Schacher Doris Abeldgaard Doris Abeldgaard

Schacher Family

Clarence Abeldgaard Peter Clausen Hanson Abeldgaard Betty Abeldgaard
Harold & Betty Abeldgaard Peter Schacher's girls
 from Saskatoon, Canada
Peter Schacher ???  John Schacher's Children  ???
Alvina & Annie Hoffman Lloyd Abeldgaard
19 years old
Somdalen Kids Katherine (Mager) Schacher
Peter Abeldgaard Jr. 1952 Gertrude Markling
(Mrs Mathias Mager)
Unknown  #2 Unknown #3
Unknown #4 Unknown #5 ? Unknown  #7 ? Unknown ?

Unidentified Photos belonging  possibly to descendants of the Portz Family
If you recognize anyone in these photos please let me know who they are.


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