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4 of Nettie Wilson's daughters about 1935
Florence Tereau  Aamold- Bernice Tereau Netland- Helen Tereau Vesey - Edna Tereau- 
The little boy in the bottom center of the picture is Gerald Wilson Tollefsrud
Gerald is the son of Louise (Wilson)  & Ole Tollefsrud
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Ole & Gurina Tollefsred

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Ole & Louise (Wilson) Tollefsrud 
with children 
Mildred & Gerald
abt. 1936

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Arne & Aase Tollefsrud
with Granddaughter 
Aleta Mae Hereim 1932
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Ole, Lettie, Morris & Nora
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Ole, Tilla & Liv Tollefsrud 
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Florence Tereau Aamold and daughter Barbara
about. 1942
6 7 Bernice Tereau Netland,  
Joseph Wilson ?
 Helen Tereau Vesey
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Edna Tereau Larson or Helen Tereau Vesey ? abt 1953 Pine Bend Lumber Camp ? Myrtle, Rob & Carol
Florence, Bernice
abt. 1938
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13 Helen Tereau Vesey Nettie Wilson Rusten Tereau Benjamin Tereau
This photo belonged Bernice Tereau Netland it was given to her by her mother Nettie Wilson, It was taken by
J Q Miller a well known photographer
Unidentified Photos belonging to the Portz Family
If you recognize anyone in these photo's 
please let me know who they are.
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