World War II, U.S.A.A.F. Bombers
Aviation Print - JB Deneen , James Deneen
Echelon Publishing Inc. 1970

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WW II  - Print #007 - $18.00

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WW II  - Print #008 - $18.00

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WW I I - Print #009 - $18.00

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WW II  - Print #010 - $$18.00

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WW II  - Print #011 - $18.00

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WW I I - Print #012


World War I, Eagles
Aviation Print - JB Deneen , James Deneen
Echelon Publishing Inc. 1969

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WW I  - Print #001 

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WW I  - Print #002

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WW I  - Print #003 


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WW I  - Print #004 

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WW I  - Print #005 

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WW I  - Print #006 

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359 and a Wake Up
 a novel by Dennis R. Daniels 

This book is dedicated to Dennis Daniels uncle, 2nd Lt. Ralph T. Clapps, who was killed in action while serving as 
1Lt. Sidney Swanson's copilot.

The Crew

Crew of the bomber Swan-Sons
Shot down near Uffeln, Germany, 24 February 1944
Pilot 1Lt. Sidney D. Swanson KIA
Co-Pilot 2Lt. Ralph T. Clapps KIA
Navigator 2Lt. Donald F. Zielinski KIA
Bombardier 2Lt. Alexander Raffy  * 
Bombardier 2Lt. Bruce G. Caturani POW
Engineer/TTG T/Sgt. J.A. Krauss  * 
Waist Gunner T/Sgt. Arthur J. Tinklepaugh KIA
Radio Operator T/Sgt. Edwin H. Barker POW
Nose Gunner S/Sgt. Dudley W. Reaves KIA
Waist Gunner S/Sgt. Robert R. O'Gorman POW
Engineer/TTG S/Sgt. Robert A. Graham POW
Tail Gunner S/Sgt. John D. Speakman POW

 * NOT on board this mission

I've created a moving family memorial and tribute to 1st Lt. Sidney D. Swanson (my late husband's uncle) and his crew which is posted here. My memorial includes more extensive background information on their WWII Big Week mission and the story of the fateful events of that day and their aftermath.